Setting sail in the right direction - together!

In 20 years as a manager for an international technology company in the machine and plant engineering and construction sector, I gathered a wealth of experience. As a consultant and member of supervisory boards, I am now using this experience to support mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs. I look forward to working side by side with you through exciting times, as global competition is challenging the industry to defend and expand its technological edge in many sectors.

"It’s not how the wind blows, it’s how you set your sails!" The old sailor’s adage applies to companies as well. No matter what the conditions are: what counts is setting your sails the right way for the wind direction and speed – and use the team according to skills and interests.

I want to work with you in finding the right solutions for your company. Sometimes the answers are simple, but sometimes it takes courage, innovation in our thinking, and perhaps a different approach to problems – particularly an interdisciplinary way of addressing issues. This holistic approach is what my clients appreciate most.

Perhaps we can meet in person in the near future. I look forward to it!
Martin Krauss