Do you know the ”Nürnberger Trichter“ (trichter = funnel), the poetry textbook by the Nuremberg poet Georg Philipp Harsdörffer from the 17th century? Contrary to the impression we might get from the image of the funnel as a learning tool, Harsdörffer by no means meant it as a symbol for mechanical rote learning, but as a representation of a targeted, careful use of time.

I want to use time as efficiently and effectively as possible – mine as well as yours. I therefore strive to closely involve members of your team in my projects, so we can make the best possible use of the know-how in your company. There is often a wealth of knowledge slumbering somewhere in an organization and just waiting to be put to use. I can help you direct these ”founts of knowledge“ 

Actively involving your staff in change processes has another very decisive advantage: it helps to prevent the ”not invented here-syndrome“, because employees feel that they can contribute to and be part of the changes, that they can be personally and actively connected.

For large restructuring projects, of course, I can draw on my network of university and consulting associates, and integrate them into my project team.

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