In the Project Management / Plant Engineering and Construction area, I can support you in particular on the following topics:

  • Analysis, evaluation and adjustment of the organization, processes and methods of project management and the project culture;
  • Set-up and development of risk management and claim management;
  • Comprehensive project controlling.

Selected references:

  • Improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in project management for a world-wide leading plant engineering and construction firm; among other issues development of the project management process and project management organization, including a ”Quality Gate“ system and ”Limits of Authority“ process, redevelopment of risk management and claim management, conception and implementation of globally consistent methods/tools for pre-project planning, proposal calculation and capacity planning;
  • Realignment of the project management division of a national organization including processes, controlling, risk management, qualification and best practice exchange;
  • Introduction of goal and incentive systems for projects at a leading provider of transportation systems technology, among other issues project goal matrix and rules for cooperation ”plant/sales“ – with the goal of avoiding silo mentality and strengthening internal communication;