In the Restructuring / Turnaround area, I can support you in particular on the following topics:

  • Conceptual and implementation support in restructuring projects;
  • Lean Management approach to sustainable, holistic improvement of your profitability, taking all structuring factors into account (input, output, technology, organization and staff);
  • Adaptations of functions, structures, and processes, involving interdisciplinary change teams across all hierarchy levels.

Selected references:

  • Global restructuring projects for a world leader in plant engineering and construction; among other issues plant closures including negotiation of social plans, portfolio and organizational streamlining, regional and technological focusing, valuation shifts, etc.;
  • Pro-active restructuring project based on Lean Management at a national organization for productivity improvement and simultaneous improvement of innovative strength; among other issues adaptations in functions, structures and processes including ”make or buy“ and decisions regarding centralization or decentralization;
  • Turnaround project for a subsidiary of a technology concern; within 24 months, development from deep in the red to one of the national organization’s most profitable divisions, not least through wide-ranging staff changes at the management level; changes in strategy, new industry focus, portfolio changes as well as other organizational adjustments as keys to success;