In the Strategy / Innovation / M&A areas, I can support you in particular on the following topics:

  • Preparation and implementation of a strategy, including definition of key indicators and an action plan; determination of not only the content of the strategy, but also processes, methods and tools;
  • Innovation planning, including a concept for improving effectiveness and efficiency in R&D, using the methods of Pfeiffer’s Functional Market Concept;
  • Strategic and financial evaluation of purchases or sales of companies (or parts of companies), process execution and post-merger integration; fusion and integration of subsidiaries.

Selected references:

  • Preparation and development of a global strategy for a world leader in plant engineering and construction, including individual strategies for purchasing, production, sales, technology, M&A, localization, human resources, and IT;
  • Strategy workshops for mid-sized plant engineering and construction firms;
  • Idea and development within a technology corporation of a business model for the full-service rental of locomotives, particularly to private rail operators; implementation of the new business model: founding of the start-up "Dispolok" and later sale of the enterprise at extraordinary yield (> 2 x sales volume);
  • Project to improve R&D effectiveness for a leading plant engineering and construction firm – resulting in more efficient processes and more time for the actual R&D work; introduction of a performance tracking tool;
  • Sale, integration or liquidation of over 30 international companies of a leading plant engineering and construction firm;
  • Purchase of two mid-sized companies in the USA to complement the portfolio of a leading technology concern;