Über Martin Krauss

In my role on the advisory boards of mid-sized companies, I bring a broad range of experience (> competencies) to the table.

I am a constructively critical sparring partner for the management team – allowing me to make an important contribution to the development and growth of the company.

Advisory board activities at a glance:

  • 2002 – 2013 during my time at the Siemens corporation: served on supervisory board or advisory boards of ten subsidiaries of the Siemens corporation in several European countries and in Turkey, Israel, India and China;
  • 2013: Appointment to the management advisory board of TGW Logistics Group in Wels, Austria, as well as to the foundation board of the TGW Future foundation;
  • May 2014: Appointment to chairman of the above mentioned management advisory board and the above mentioned foundation board;
  • Since June 2016: Member of the Supervisory Board of Semikron International GmbH
  • October 2016: Appointement to Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TGW Logistics Group GmbH