Even as far back as my University days, I was fascinated by the pervasive importance the sociologist and social theorist Niklas Luhman ascribed to the aspect of trust as applied to successful entrepreneurship (see also > further readings).

I believe trust is the be-all and end-all – the key to success, and the key to our successfully > working together. In my consulting work, I find it particularly important to always foster a culture of trust in your organization – even and especially when you might find yourself in rough seas.

Trust also means to trust in the strengths of the team in your company, your employees. Occasional input from external supporters is also important. I benefitted from this myself during my time as a manager in an international corporation.

From my clients, I hope for trust in my skills and my commitment. Though it may be a leap of faith on your part when working together for the first time, trust is especially crucial when we choose a path together that may not be the easiest, but that we have determined to be the better path, the right path. I particularly appreciate your trust when you allow me to not only work in a conceptual, consulting capacity, but let me work with your team on the implementation of my concepts to show their success.