Working together – that is what I want to do. I don’t want to just ”do my thing“ by myself, but with you as a team. Personal conversation and dialogue with you is essential to me. For one, the aim is to find answers to your questions. But for another, I am going to ask plenty of questions that might let you see things in a new light.

As an external partner, I can use my outside view to provide important impulses for your business. But I am convinced: the best consulting concept lies in working on solutions together, consultant and company. In this approach, everyone’s ideas are valuable – whether owner or experienced manager, younger colleague or old hand, staff from HQ or from the plants. Let’s get together with your team to philosophize, reflect, and have the courage to experiment!

The model we use for working together depends on your individual needs. Some cases benefit from the classic support of an external consultant, where I would only be in your company for meetings and workshops. In other circumstances, an interim consulting assignment on site in your company may be more appropriate. And in an expert coaching situation, constant personal exchange between the team and myself is particularly intensive during the starting phase, but will level out to longer intervals (e.g. monthly) as time goes on.